Smile For Me

We live life thinking we have an infinite amount of minutes, hours, days and years. Never really appreciating the moment because tomorrow we get to do it again. Love, pain, happiness and sorrow we all carry it and we all live with it. We spend some days being angry and maybe saying something negative about someone we care about. We tend to focus more on the bad than with the good. Why is it everyone will talk about the bad food they had at the restaurant or the horrible movie they recently saw. It is the same within our lives. Our focus always seems to be on the negative. We see it every day on the news, in the papers on our smart phones. Everyone is so fast to share the horrible stories that engulf our lives but rarely do we hear about the good.

What would life be if all we experienced stories of happiness, goodness, love and excitement. Would we never pick up a newspaper, turn on the news or check our timelines on facebook?!?! I think every day what if I did something or said something I would regret and what if tomorrow didn’t come. What if I lost that time to say I love you to say I am sorry. Friends we need to live in the moment and make the very most of every single hour we breath. Life is truly a gift and should be treated as such. Share your hearts, give from your heart and show the world who you are in all the beautiful ways that are possible. We are God’s greatest creations it is time we all act that way. Appreciate what we have been given no matter how much or how little that may be.

I believe the greatest gift one can give is to create a smile on another’s face so lets all do exactly that. Start by smiling for me.

Where are you?

I look into your eyes, i feel your breath upon my face. With silence, without a word spoken I know your love is true. I place my hand on top of yours as the goose bumps grow on my arm. Your beauty blinds me and your inner beauty leaves me breathless.

I can stare at you forever, I can kiss you every second of every day. To know it is you that I love, and you that loves me. Their is nothing more powerful than what we share. A bond of two hearts beating as one. For every ounce of blood that flows through my heart contains nothing but love for you.

Where are you? Who are you? When will I meet you? My love is lost please find me.

My Greatest Gift My Biggest Flaw

To love, to feel love, to wish love upon all deserving. I feel so much inside my heart. When someone I love is in pain, I feel their pain. When someone is happy I feel their joy. When someone is struggling I share their struggles. I believe I have been gifted to feel such love for so many. I truly and honestly feel the joys of pleasures and the pains of heart ache with all of those I am close with. A man who is not afraid to cry with you, a man who is not to proud to understand and sit beside you through all that you are going through. I ask is this a blessing or a curse at times because others pain is truly felt within me. I consider myself a good man and try my best to always do for others. I love the smiles that I can create on another’s face. I sometimes wish though, that others can see into my heart and see what really exists inside. I speak my words from my heart and they are deep. So deep that many tend to think that they are only words or a game one plays to make others think differently. I speak the truth and I speak what I feel. Look inside my eyes and you shall see my soul. My heart my love is representation of who I am as a man. Believe in what you see and feel what I feel. For my greatest gift no longer wants to be my biggest flaw.

Friday Morning “Off Subject” Sports Rant

Furious can’t even describe my anger as of last night! As a I die hard NY Giants Fan for 47 years I am disgusted!! How does Dave Gettleman and the NY Giants Ownership select Daniel Jones as their number 1 pick in this years draft???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this some type of joke??? J0nes was a zero star recruit coming out of high school. Was ranked last and almost last in all scouting reports for all available quarterbacks in these years draft. With all the pressing needs at defensive end, offensive tackle and cornerback you take this Dave Brown look alike with your number 1 pick. This is horrific!!! You mine as well just eliminate the entire team. You trade OBJ, Vernon, Collins and this is what you take with your pick?? You get rid of Damon Harrison and then you take his twin with your second pick?!?! None of this makes any sense or does it?

The NY Giants did not select Daniel Jones with their first pick! Who Did? I will tell you….The Manning Family made this pick. As the puppet masters of the NY Giants they once again pulled the strings and selected the quarterback that they are closest with. The Manning ties to this player are unbelievable. For goodness sakes he mine as well be Daniel Manning. Just like the Mannings pulled the strings in 2004 to get Eli on to the Giants they pulled the same strings this year to select Jones. This is unacceptable! This is a disgrace!! Mara where are you??? How do you allow this to happen??

Positive Energy Positive Thoughts

How often does someone say to you stay positive? Good things to come? There is light at the end of the tunnel! This is your year!

I have heard it time and time again. Yes of course I want to stay positive I want to hope for the best but why does it seem that no matter how positive you stay, how much positive energy you put out there, nothing but negativity comes my “your” way. We try our best at all we do. We try to accomplish great things in life. We give our best every day and always helping those in need and never asking anything in return other than potentially a smile. We do not ask for much but an ounce of something good in our lives would seem like the greatest gift of all. Whether it’s a successful job, a healthy life, a new love, just anything that can give us a glimpse of hope that their is goodness in this world. I don’t want to sound like a downer for I have many things in my life that I am thankful for but it’s the lack of achieving anything resembling success that keeps me feeling that my life is not where it is suppose to be.

I am not asking for fame or fortune but the ability to feel internal happiness would be wonderful. I look in the mirror and even with a smile I see sadness. I try to see the good in everyone and I try to think and make the most of every situation but why are the results always the same. I give from my heart and want the best for all and everyone but without sounding greedy I would love for my life my soul to also experience the same.

Stay positive and good things will come. My heart, my mind is open and I am waiting…..

Top Of The Mountain

I stand on top of the mountain and I see nothing but beauty. I see valleys full of all things beautiful. Everything one man can want is just steps down the mountain. All in reach, all I have to do is walk down. I can see valleys of love and hope. Hills full of opportunity and success. I ask myself are these things real or only an illusion of all things I wish for.

I take the first step and head down the mountain feeling excitement in my heart that grows greater with every step. I can’t believe that all I have dreamed about and wished for is only steps away. As I reach the bottom and look at my surroundings with great disappointment there is nothing. A field of emptiness, a valley of lost hope, a stream that once flowed with love is now dry.

Why is it that from afar there is always such beauty but when coming face to face with reality it is nothing more than a blank canvass? One can have such love inside their heart, the want and desire to give to all and share with everyone but yet the field the world is empty and never ready to receive what one is willing to give.